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About Yuyue

Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of YYIT International Holdings Limited, started its operation mainland China in 2006 and is in charge of operations in Great China. Currently, the Company provides services for thousands of export-oriented enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan, Shandong, Hebei and Fujian etc.


Taking advantage of its extraordinary technical teams and superior information resource, Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has designed and develped...


Taking advantage of it’s extraordinary technological team, Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd., via professional data analysis, data collection and data...


The Company, via integrating all kinds of information and making using of its own advantages, has established a database of international trade, which is quite comprehensive...


Ningbo * Classic Lighting Co.,Ltd: WTExp provides us many useful data concerning our peer companies, our clients’ partners and their sales statistics. Based on this, we can develop and promote our products catering each country’s demand. We sincerely appreciate what Yuyue have done, and hope to get more profits from its data.


Robert Stroud

Team of experts

Rober Stround, an experienced IT expert from America, is good at systematic analysis or framework design and analysis design of large-scale database. He has rich experience in defining functional demands for systems...

Micheline Kamber

Team of experts

Micheline Kamber, an American expert in data mining and artificial intelligence, is good at data analysis, data processing, data mining, semantic analysis and mass data management.


Information Specialists

Andy, an experienced expert, has been focusing on foreign trade information for 10 years.


Information Specialists

Bella, an information specialist, with 6 years’ experience in foreign trade information, has made several deep surveys on exports.

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