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1. Introduction of China TSR
Taking advantage of its extraordinary technical teams and superior information resource, Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd. has designed and develped China Trade Report System (China TSR) based on authoritative official data and customers’ actual demands. With powerful functions and accurate analysis, the system is quite easy to operate, and accurate in forecasting the products’ growing tendency in international market. Besides, China TSR is able to help companies learn about the low and peak seasons of their products in different regions, and then lock in to the target market where the demand is huge and profit is large, or help set reasonable prices to satisfy different needs in the market. What’s more, China TRS is able to have a real-time monitoring on the competitors so as to have a differential dislocation competition, then the enterprise can be in an unassailable position in the world.

2. Features of China TSR
a. Comprehensive and Complete
It includes the import and export trading data of all commodities between China and more than 200 countries.
b. Timely and Promptly
Data of the past month and previous months will be provided in upon their official release time, and instant updates are guaranteed.
c. True and Accurate
Relying on the strict monitoring standards of the customs, export details of each HS code will be provided accurately.

3. What can China TSR do for you?
a. Help you accurately estimate the development tendency of your products in the international market; help you know about the low and peak seasons of the products in different regions;
b. Lock the target market where the demand is huge and profit margin is large;
c. Reasonably price to satisfy different needs in the market;
d. Have a real-time monitoring over competitors in China to have a differential diversified competition.

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