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1. Introduction of WTExp
Taking advantage of it’s extraordinary technological team, Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd., via professional data analysis, data collection and data integration, has independently developed a reformative platform ---”WTExp”, by which the one-stop service related to foreign trade information and practice is able to be realized. “WTExp”, with powerful functions and simple interfaces, is easy to operate and fast to search, which devotes to providing trading information timely and accurately for all trading enterprises at home and abroad. Besides, “WTExp” can help enterprises to position their markets quickly and accurately, as well as to lock target clients. What’s more, “WTExp” is able to appraisal the target clients so as to lower the trade risks, and finally help the enterprises to find the most suitable purchasers. In a word, “WTExp” is of great strategic significance to export-oriented enterprises.

2. Features of WTExp
a.Rich Content
Trading information of over 20 countries are made available timely, completely and accurately, and details of each batch (both imported products and exported products) will be dynamically recorded; real-time data, like overseas purchaser, import scale, import frequency, price, supplier and country of origin etc, will be provided.
b.Powerful Function
“WTExp” plays a leading role in data analysis and technical processing. The humanized pages, dynamic presentation of analysis and logically processed data of this system contribute to full exploration of the value behind the data.
c.Practical and Convenient
A simplified homepage is made available to meet customers’ core needs--- to improve their efficiency and provide convenience.

3. What can WTExp do for you?
a.Develop New Clients
Precisely localize the most suitable purchasers and identify their procurement requirements.
b.Maintain Old Clients
Monitor and trace old clients’ procurement requirements (like procurement scale, product structure and supply chain etc.); recommend new products to old clients, as well as increase their order; find out the reason of losing clients.
c.Monitor Competition Status
Keep an eye on the competitors to find out their intentions and changes; know about competition status and explore new market.
d.Appraise Business Object
Identify fake inquiries and appraise clients’ matching rate; help to find out the most suitable clients or suppliers.

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