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About Yuyue

About Yuyue

Yuyue Information & Technology Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of YYIT International Holdings Limited, started its operation mainland China in 2006 and is in charge of operations in Great China. Currently, the Company provides services for thousands of export-oriented enterprises in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan, Shandong, Hebei and Fujian etc.

The Company, via integrating all kinds of information and making using of its own advantages, has established a database of international trade, which is quite comprehensive, completed, accurate, updating, powerful, practical and convenient. At the same time, the Company has set up partnership with some overseas data supplier, like TDO and IBS.  

Relying on rich resource advantages and extraordinary technological teams, the Company has developed a trading information data system, which is able to update information from over 140 countries and regions distributed in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Based on this system, data related to international trade can be searched online, so that the Company leads the development of trade information industry.


Robert Stroud

Team of experts

Rober Stround, an experienced IT expert from America, is good at systematic analysis or framework design and analysis design of large-scale database. He has rich experience in defining functional demands for systems...

Micheline Kamber

Team of experts

Micheline Kamber, an American expert in data mining and artificial intelligence, is good at data analysis, data processing, data mining, semantic analysis and mass data management.


Information Specialists

Andy, an experienced expert, has been focusing on foreign trade information for 10 years.


Information Specialists

Bella, an information specialist, with 6 years’ experience in foreign trade information, has made several deep surveys on exports.


Information Specialists

Cherry, with 4 years’ experience in consulting industry, is an expert in the analysis and application of trade figure.


Information Specialists

As an International Trade graduate and with 3 years’ experience in foreign trade consulting, Apple, now, is professional in the procedure of international trades and channels of expanding overseas market.

Company Culture

Company Purpose: Let's realize the dreams together!

Company Vision: Be the most reliable and professional consulting firm for customers.

Company Mission: Push forward the transparency of information for international trade.

Core Value:

Information creates wealth!

We deeply believe that information can bring wealth and provide guidance to our clients.

Your Resolution Determines Your Way

We firmly believe that the height one attains is determined by his resolution; the one who has targets will definitely have achievement.  

We aim to secure spiritual happiness and material well-being for employees and their family. 

We believe that only with the spiritual happiness and material well-being of our employees and their family, can the Company go far.

Be Your Best Partner

We firmly believe that the Company can be your best partner because we are professional and sincere.


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