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Ningbo * Classic Lighting Co.,Ltd

WTExp provides us many useful data concerning our peer companies, our clients’ partners and their sales statistics. Based on this, we can develop and promote our products catering each country’s demand. We sincerely appreciate what Yuyue have done, and hope to get more profits from its data.

Guangdong Ying* Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.

Earlier this year, we got the membership of WTExp, which covers detailed and accurate exporting information from more than 20 countries. So far, my company has signed several sample orders under the help of WTExp. Now, we are encouraged to achieve more.

Henan * Shan Enterprise Group

WTExp is easy to operate with simple interface, and it provides us valuable trade data for reference, which enhances our understanding of buyers. We expect more accurate date of more countries from Yuyue.

Shenzhen *hong Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

ChinaTRS and WTExp from Yuyue have greatly helped us to lock in to our target markets, providing us the most suitable buyers and get us to know about the buyer’s procurement requirements.

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