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1.Competitive product system

China TRS--- help you lock the target market where the demand is huge and profit is large; help you analyze the low and peak seasons of the products, monitor the development tendency of the products; Focus on the competitors and the market trend.

WTExp --- Lock the most suitable purchaser and develop new clients. Learn about purchasers’ requirements and maintain old clients. Monitor competitors’ partnership.

2.Rich Experience

With 10 years’ experience in foreign trade, We have served tens of thousands of foreign trade enterprises.

3.Mature Business Mode

Our business mode has been well tested in the market to be a shortcut to success. What you need to do is to copy.

4.Good Reputation

Our customer-oriented service will give you more than you expect.

1. Individuals or groups who want to engage in foreign trade, or who used to be in this field or B2B website service will be considered first ;

2. A team with 5 -7 members will help you make profit better;

3. Pay the initial fee required in the franchise agreement;

4. An office bigger than 50m2 will help to improve your working efficiency, attract talented sales person and make your company more professional, your workers more disciplined.

5. During the franchise period, you are supposed to maintain YYIT’s brand reputation and to obey YYIT’s marketing management systems.

1. Early-stage Communication:

The eligible franchisee shall decide on the level of franchising that best fits its needs after researching the corresponding rights and obligations.

2. On-site visit:

After determining to cooperate, YYIT will have an on-site visit at the location and propose some professional suggestions.

3. Contract Signature:

Under the principle of free will and fairness, a franchise agreement will be signed. Then according to the type of franchisee, fees shall be paid accordingly.

4. Franchise Formalities:

Within 2 workdays after the Financial Department receives the join fee, your accounts will be opened.

5. Support:

Within 15 workdays after all franchise formalities, YYIT will start the training at the franchisee’s office, as well as other follow-up work.

1. Training on product selling.

2. Remote business guide and demonstration (24h)

3. Director will propose suitable marketing strategies.

4. Management guiding is available at all time, which includes team building, personnel training and team motivation.

5. Common services: during the operation, if the franchisee has any problem, it is able to contact with the Channel Division; then within one workday, solutions will be provided.

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Company Culture

    Company Purpose:
    Let's realize the dreams together!
    Company Vision:
    Be the most reliable and professional consulting firm for customers.
    Company Mission:
    Push forward the transparency of information for international trade.


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