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Service and Support


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   a. Search by Key Words
   Input the key words of the product at the search box, for example, America and Pakistan.
   b. Search via HS Code
   If you have secured the exact product’s HS code, then you can search the information via HS code. Though HS code varies from country to country, the first 4 - 6 numbers are the same, so if you are not sure about the exact HS code, try the first 4 - 6 numbers. Then find the right HS code from the results.
   c. Search via HS Code Description
   Input the language used by the target country or input key words when search via HS Code Description.
   d. Search via Product Code
   Data from Poland is accurate importers’ name; you can search by corresponding product code.
   e.Search via Chinese Key Words
   Thanks to our technical teams’ powerful semantic analysis ability, we provide exclusive Chinese character searching service in this field.

The data that you are inquiring shall be no more than one year from the beginning time to the ending time. However, you can use the data memory function and search by year, then data in two or three years or even more can be searched. A comparison analysis will be available for you.

Log-in by inputting the right user name and passwords. In order to enhance the security, if you input the wrong user name or passwords, it is required to close all the browsers and re-log in.

Please take good care of your user name and passwords. If you forget your passwords, please contact with the sales consultant immediately, he or she will help you at once.

No. The accessible information of each country is limited by its policy. Take for example, both buyers’ and sellers’ information in America is available; but, only importers’ information can be retrieved in Chile. We will mark the former countries with green border.

Yes. However, according to our statistics, such situation will be no more than 10%. So it will not affect your use.

Being as a professional information provider (a third party), we, under the condition that everything is legal, are willing to provide you with more valuable information. We will follow the laws and rules of each country to provide you also information by by its commercial promotion value.

Based on the cooperation scheme, both data import and export functions will be provided to meet your demand.

Yes, all data provided is legal and authorized. Import-and-export data is partly accessible due to different countries’ regulations. Moreover, some of our clients are Fortune 500, they did legality appraisal before cooperation. YYIT is a law-abiding company, and it will not provide any illegal data and information. YYIT promises that the data we provide will not bring you any trouble.

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